Dr. J.R. Thicklin is an inspirational and motivational speaker, teacher, trainer and practitioner. He is the President and CEO of Destiny By Choice, Inc. where he is empowering lives and shaping destinies of those lives impacted and affected by domestic violence and related abuse. With over 20 years of addressing victims and practitioners helping uplift those who persevere through such adversity; Dr. Thicklin effectively translates his message to empowering those seeking to strengthen, encourage and support their organizations to new levels of achievement.

Dr. Thicklin has received many accommodations to include the 2017 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Governor’s Peace at Home Award. He has been a trainer and presenter for the State of Florida Attorney General and a much-requested speaker at the Annual National Preventing Crime Convention as well as at the National Faith Symposium. He facilitates corporate trainings in areas such as Cultural Competency, Diversity and Violence in the Workplace.

He has studied Psychology and Sociology at South University and the University of Phoenix. Dr. Thicklin received his Bachelor in Ministry from Southeastern Theological Seminary and an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Logos University in Jacksonville, Florida. He is a Certified Cultural Competency Trainer, Anger Management Specialist, and Domestic Violence Specialist. He is the Founder of “Father’s Lifelines”, Man Up Stand Up Against Domestic Violence and Man Up For Families and Destiny Changers: Raising Boys To Men. Dr. Thicklin has authored two books and hosts a national blog talk radio show.