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Speaking Engagements

With Dr. Thicklin's vast knowledge and his clear and concise charismatic delivery, your organization will grasp relevant information that will enhance their knowledge and confidence to implement and practice the guidance received.


Traning and Seminars

Dr. Thicklin delivers in facilitation, team building, compliance, trainings and engaging his audience to reach a little higher, trust a little more and push a little harder to make every effort a masterful, productive achievement.


Consulting and Assessment

Dr. Thicklin is considered a subject matter expert. He's spear headed initiatives, collaborated with national organizations across the U.S.   He can provide compliance consulting and  assess your teams knowledge and understanding of policies and processes.

Dr. Thicklin will help you and your team:

  • Obtain a sense of empowerment and renewal
  • Gain an inspirational, invigorating experience of self worth and respect
  • Replenish a sense of mission, value and purpose
  • Relate to comprehensive dialogue inciting meaningful action toward a mission, purpose and solutions
  • Achieve a relatable and adaptable mindset to maximize their skillset
  • Grasp relevant understandable guidance on sensitive yet necessary subject matter


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